Woods Bail Bonds in Indiana

Here at Woods Bail Bonds, we specialize in the service of all counties within the state of Indiana. However, we can help with all bonds anywhere in the United States. Our outstanding relationship with the courthouses and jails throughout the state of Indiana allows us to work faster in getting you or your loved one bailed out of jail. We have over 30 years of experience in the bail bond industry in Indiana, and continue to maintain a reputation for polite and reliable service. Our bail agents provide various bail services; including inmate searches, help turning yourself in, free information, and more. Our offices are always open and our agents are always on time. Call one of our Indiana offices today for details about Woods Bail Bonds and the services we offer.
Northern Indiana # 765-644-0400
Central Indiana # 317-876-9600
Southern Indiana # 812-333-3399

James Woods - Owner and President of Woods Bail Bonds in Indiana

Jim Woods Bail Bonds IndianapolisJames Woods, owner and President of his company, has been in the bail bond industry for over 30 years. He manages all general operations of their bail bondsmen, as well as, transfer bonds, court proceedings, bond approvals, complaints, family advisory, and more. On top of all the daily bail bond duties he faces, his passion for helping people has remained strong over the past three decades. His company’s reputation is based on their history of reliability, discreetness, and kindheartedness for every client. Jim Woods and his teams are the bail agents to trust when it comes to getting out of jail in Indiana. Contact him today for more information about bail bonds in your area!

Teresa Woods – Office manger

Teresa Woods Indianapolis Bail BondsmanTeresa Woods has over 15 years of experience as a fully licensed and highly skilled bail agent in the State of Indiana and in the bail bonds industry. As the office manager, she handles the day to day transactions concerning in-house credit, cash, or collateral transactions. Along with these duties, she manages collection, credit reports, exonerations, and all day-to-day details regarding communication among clients and their involved parties. Teresa Woods is a significant part of operations here at Woods Bail Bonds. Call and talk to her directly, today!

Nicholas Woods – Vice President

Nick Woods Indy Bail BondsOffice VP, Nick Woods, has over 5 years of experience in the bail bond business. He is in charge of processing data, creating bail agent reports, collections, and gathering information on bail bond forfeitures. Nick is also a fully licensed bail agent in the State of Indiana. Nick’s contributions and role within the company directly influences our success, year after year. Call and speak with him anytime about bail bond services in Indiana!
Woods Bail Bonds provides Bailbond services all throughout Indiana 24 /7 - 365 days a year.  We service all Local, State, and National bonds.  Here are a few of the following counties and cities that we service:
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